1038 units of the social housing project delivered tomorrow

The 15th of May body begins to delivers 1038 units of the social housing project starting tomorrow and till the coming June 25th. Units are delivered through a draw with areas that range from 209 to 276 meter.

The 15th of May city is located southeast of Helwan Industrial city, 35 kilometers from Cairo.

Mr. Gamal Talaat, Head of the body, stated that 46 acres were allocated at the second region and 52 acres were allocated at the first district; total area of the project.

With regard to the presentment of lands to establish housing buildings, Mr. Gamal stated that the Urban Communities Authority has only chosen five new cities within the first phase of residential buildings which had been offered to the construction companies to implement the project. !5th of May city was selected during the second phase, to be announced next June.

He added that the city’s share of housing units reaches 9600 units, with areas of 73 m2 per unit, to commence their establishment during the second half of the current year, and to be delivered through five stages in accordance with the ministry of housing’s project that ends 2017.

On a further note, the New Cairo body begins delivering his share of the social housing unit project, amounting548 units starting from March 4th and till April 3rd.

Mr. Kamal Fahmy, Head of the body, cleared that the first phase of delivery includes square one that consists of 148 units to be delivered starting March 4th and till day 11 of the mentioned month. Delivery of square 4 that consists of 152 units starts from the 12th till the 20th of March, whereas delivery of square 7 consisting of 248 units starts March 21st and ends April 3rd.

He added that the delivery process requires the presence of the origin notice of allocation in addition to the receipts of payments. He referred to the payment of the rest of the amount in addition to 1% of the expenses to the Council of Trustees and 2% to the administrative expenses.