45% of Egypt’s population is distributed between Cairo and Alexandria

45% of Egypt’s population is living in Cairo and Alexandria governorates, Bassem Fahmy, Programme Manager, Principal Advisor, Strategic Planning and Urban Development Program, UN Habitat, Egypt stated Tuesday.

During his speech at Cityscape Egypt’s first discussion session, Fahmy added that 7 percent of the population resides in 77 cities while 40 percent of the population is living below the poverty line in Upper Egypt.

All indicators show that Cairo is highly expected to be among top 600 cities all over the world dominating state’s GDP until 2030, the official concluded.

Cityscape Egypt 2016 kicked off on Tuesday April 5 at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski under the rubric of ‘ The Future of Development: Urbanisation, Regeneration and Partnership’.

It is set to discuss the main feature of the Egyptian government’s future scheme and the updates of mega national projects and real estate regulations.