Egypt exports to Turkey of 1.4 billion dollars

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared in a statement on Wednesday that the volume of Egyptian exports to Turkey in 2011 achieved a remarkable breakthrough hitting  4.1billion $,with  an increase of about 50% comparing with 2010 value of exports.

Ambassador Abd Elrahman Salah Eldin- Egypt’s ambassador in Turkey- said according to the statement that this number ranked Egypt as the third country exporting to Turkey after Saudi Arabia – exported of 2 billion dollars- and UAE– exported of 1.6 billion dollars-.

The value of Egyptian imports from Turkey was 7.2 billion dollars what made Egypt the fourth largest importer from Turkey between Arabic Countries after Iraq, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Salah Eldin said that these figures reflect the efforts of the Egyptian and Turkish sides to promote trade and economic cooperation between them, and as a result of this cooperation, Egypt monopolized 41% of the total exports of North Africa countries to Turkey that was valued of 3.3 billion dollars.

While the Turkish exports to Egypt represent approximately the same percentage out of its Exports to North Africa Countries, that value is 6.7 billion dollars.

The ambassador pointed out that Egypt imports to Turkey more than 20% of the full Turkish imports from the whole African continent, while Egypt is considered the largest African importer from Turkey as it exports 7.26% of the Turkish exports to Africa.