Egypt’s cotton exports to 24 states hit $114bn in agricultural season 2018

Egypt exported more than 754,002 kantars of cotton to 24 countries, at a value of 2.049 billion Egyptian pounds ($114 billion) during the agricultural season 2017/2018.

India imported 460,000 kantars of cotton, at a value of 1.2 billion pounds out of the cotton exports during the agricultural season 2017/2018, Egypt’s state-run statics agency CAPMSA said in its recent bulletin on Thursday.

“Egypt’s cotton exports to Pakistan reached 100,009 kantars, at a value of 265.1 million pounds,” CAPMSA said.

The 24 countries importing cotton from Egypt include Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Turkey, at a value worth (6.427 million, 16.459 million, 3.469 million, and 49.563 million, respectively).

The countries also comprise Morocco, Slovenia, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Bahrain, Taiwan, India, Japan, Italy, and China.