Google Chrome is the first victim of “PWN 2 OWN”

A team of French hackers succeeded in penetrating the web browser “Google Chrome” in less than 5 minutes which is faster than any other web browser through the activities of the famous hacking competition “PWN 2 OWN” that is held in Canada this year. 

The French team that belongs to a specialized company in information security selected the challenge of “Chrome” -which survived till the end of the competition last year- to be the first browser to be hacked this year.

The team spent about 6 weeks to find the required gaps to penetrate through the browser through stopping its activity during the annual competition, which witnesses challenges between systems’ hackers from all over the world over the main web browsers available on the market, as MENA stated.

However, this did not prevent the team from praising the browser –Google Chrome- and its applied securing technology “Sandbox”, as they described it as the most secure web browsers on the Interne currently.