MSM Rise Continues

The Muscat Securities Market (MSM) general index 30 continued its rising trend in the fourth session this week by adding more than 23 points, constituting a rise by 0.40 per cent to close at 5,906 points compared to 5,882 points in its previous session.
The MSM daily report pointed out that the industrial sector rose by 1.13 per cent to close at 6,796 points compared to 6,720 points earlier, followed by the financial sector which rose by 0.05 per cent to close at 7,029 points compared to 7,026 points.
The services sector declined by 0.08 per cent to close at 2,636 points compared to 2,638 points. The trading value yesterday stood at RO 5.6 million ($14.56 million) comprising a decline by 36.49 per cent compared to the previous session of RO 8.8 million ($22.89 million). The market value rose by 0.10 per cent to reach RO 10.7 billion ($27.83 billion).
The MSM report pointed out that the value of shares bought by non-Omani investors reached RO 477,000 ($1.240.621) comprising 8.50 per cent.

According to Oman Observer, the value of shares sold by non-Omani investors reached RO 945,000 ($2.457.834) comprising 16.84 per cent.

The net non-Omani investment declined by 8.34 per cent to RO 468,000 ($1.217.213).

Out of the 49 companies of which shares changed hands yesterday, 17 companies rose, 20 declined and 12 remained unchanged.

Meanwhile, the annual meeting of the Arab Federation of Exchanges, hosted by MSM, began at Muscat Inter-Continental Hotel yesterday.

A co-operation agreement was signed by MSM and Casablanca Bourse which includes exchange of the proposals related to develop the procedures, legislative and technical system.

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