Panasonic Remote Camera Control App for Android Smartphones

Panasonic has developed a system for remotely operating a digital camera with a smartphone. “The FX90, which we released last September, has Wi-Fi, so we’ve enhanced that model to create this prototype”, Diginfo.

“You can zoom and press the shutter from the smartphone screen, like this. You can also use the smartphone to look at the pictures you’ve taken.” “As you can see in this demo, the communication is quite fast, so you can operate the camera with hardly any delay.”

So far, no official series of cameras or applications with this capability has been planned. But Panasonic intends to develop the Android app used here, called Remote Live View, for iOS as well.

“We’d like to suggest new ways of taking photos when the camera and the means of operating it are separated. So for example, if you want to take a photo of yourself or a group, instead of having to go back and forth to the camera, you could use this system to operate the camera with a device in your hand.”

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