Sidpec Mulls New Ethylene Plant worth $558 million

Egypt’s Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co – Sidpec is currently studying the launch of a new ethylene plant in Port Said city, with an investment cost of US$558 million. The plant is planned to be with a production capacity of 200.000 tonnes per year.

Other projects under Sidpec’s study include a plan to increase the production capacity of its butane unit in addition to the launch of new unit for sewage treatment.

According to Ahmed Helmy – Sidpec Chairman, the three projects will save around 335 million Egyptian pounds.

Sidpec has managed during 2014 to increase its production of polyethylene to 225.000 tonnes approximately, out of which 65% are directed to the local market and 35% to more than 43 countries, Helmy noted.

Meanwhile, Sidpec has recently become the first Egyptian firm to obtain the ISO 50001 certification for industrial energy consumption management.

The company’s application of the energy management system helped, with low cost and simple measures, in saving 10% of the energy consumed in production.

Sidpec is an Egyptian ethylene producer and a main provider of the substance to the Egyptian Petrochemicals Company.