Small businesses to strike today to protest Trump’s immigration policies

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Restaurants, bakeries, and other businesses around the country will shut on Thursday as thousands of foreign-born workers participate in a one-day strike to protest U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Dubbed a “Day Without Immigrants,” the nationwide effort orchestrated by immigrant-advocacy groups calls on foreign-born workers to stay home, avoid shopping and shutter their businesses to demonstrate their impact on the economy.

Immigrants from all parts of the country are expected to participate in the walkout, according to organizers and business owners.

New York-based Bromberg Bros. Blue Ribbon Restaurants plans to close seven restaurants Thursday. The company said it didn’t come to the decision lightly, since the loss of revenue will be in the six digits. Eric Bromberg, one of the owners, said it was important to “support our staff and our community,” noting that at least 15% of its workforce is foreign-born.

Source: The Wall Street Journal