TSM to execute two new projects in New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed

Egypt’s consultancy firm TSM Mall Management plans to execute two commercial centres projects in Sheikh Zayed, at the outskirts of Cairo, and New Cairo cities, said its chairman Mohamed Galal on Wednesday.

The two flagships are with total investments worth around one billion Egyptian pounds ($56.5 million), Galal further told Amwal Al Ghad.

As for the first commercial centre, the official said it will be carried out in New Cairo on a lease space of 36,000 square metres at the end of 2018, with investments estimated at 600 million pounds.

“The first commercial centre is owned by one of the country’s public business sector firms,” he noted.

As for the second project, Galal said that the commercial and medical centre is set to be executed in Sheikh Zayed on a lease space of 25,000 square metres in favour of a Saudi investor, with investments of 450 million pounds.

“The company (TSM Mall Management) expects to open the second commercial centre at the end of this year,” Galal stated, referring that it is to comprise about 18 commercial units, 42 clinics, 38 offices, and an entertainment area.