Why being a mum is such a big deal

Well other than the verse “paradise lies under the feet of your mother”, being a mum is definitely a challenge and apparently a big deal. Here are the 10 things that make a mums job a hard one to do.
1. She cooks for you daily or manages to feed you somehow even on the days when she can’t get out of bed.

2. She’s the only one that really wants to listen to your boring stories even though she’s sick of pretending that she understands them.

3. She cleans a whole house while you can tidy up one room.

4. She separates you dirty clothes and hangs them dry for you to wear while you can’t imagine holding a pair of dirty socks.

5. She’s always worried about you and wondering if you’re looking your best or fitting in or not while supporting you 100% in whatever it is you’re doing (even if she’s not convinced with it).

6. She cares about what people think of you that’s why she always tries to polish you and push you forward to limits you never thought you could reach.

7. a piece of her heart breaks every time you get hurt.

8. From the day you come into this world, she’s truly changed forever. She becomes this selfless little creature that God created to look after you and thinks of you before she thinks of herself. Bathes you, changes your diapers, brushes your hair, feeds you, puts you to sleep and the list could go on forever.

9. She loves you more than she loves anyone else, even her own husband just because you’re a part of her.

10. She forgives and forgets even when you snap at her for no good reason then pretends everything’s ok because she can never stay mad at you for too long.

If you think about each and every point up there and pause to try and remember if you’ve done any of them to someone you love, you will find that the only way to do such things is to be a mum. That’s why being a mum is such a big deal, she’s no ordinary person.