25 Egyptian ICT firms hold one-to-one meetings with Moroccan counterparts

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The Chamber of Information Technology and Communications (CIT)has organised a number of bilateral meetings for more than 25 Egyptian ICT firms with a Moroccan delegation of high profile IT officials.

From Egypt, Walid Gad, Chairman of CIT and other officials were present; while theboard member of the Moroccan Federation of Information Technologies and head of markets department at the Moroccan Centre for Export Promotion have also attended.

This comes as part of the CIT’s ongoing efforts to enhance the exchange of technical experiences among Arab and African countries under the umbrella of Jusoor programme, which aims to open external markets in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Morocco.

During the meeting, Egypt’sI nformation Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) showcased detailed aspects of its cooperation with CIT to help Egyptian companies achieve their goals, increase the efficiency of their staff, and promoting innovative ideas, and the services of Arab, regional, and international markets.

From his part, Walid Gad, chairman of the CIT, said that these meetings come as a cherry on top of many previous workshop and marketing events the CIT organises to create more opportunities for Egyptian tech firms to invest in Arab and African ICT markets.

The Moroccan delegation has visited headquarters of a number of Egyptian firms during this visit.


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