Egyptian exports of furniture reached 1.75 billion EGP in 2011

The total exports of furniture products to the abroad recorded 1.76 billion EGP in 2011 compared to 1.44 billion pounds in the previous year, resulting in an increase in the growth rate of 22% according to the Council for furniture exports.

Ehab Deryaas -head of the Council of Furniture Exports- said that, Saudi Arabia acquired the highest proportion of Egypt’s exports, as it recorded 25.3%, and followed by United Arab Emirates that recorded 9.2% of the total exports of Egypt, and then Italy with a proportion of 6.2%. He added that Egypt’s exports of furniture decreased relatively to each of Germany, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom as a result of the Arab revolutions and the reluctance of some countries of demanding the Egyptian products.

Deryaas also mentioned that the wooden furniture represented 87.9% of the Egyptian total exports of furniture, while the metal furniture represented 1.7% of the total exports, and the percentage of raw wood and its derivatives was 6.9% of the total exports.